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Ensuring Safe Towing with Towacar: Your Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Jun 28

At Towacar, we understand that the principal concern of anyone towing with a motorhome is safety. Ensuring that you follow all instructions meticulously can make the difference between a smooth journey and a potential disaster. Here’s a comprehensive guide to keep you safe and make the process as easy as possible.


Step 1: Familiarise Yourself with Instructions

Before you even think about towing a towacar, make sure you have thoroughly read all the instructions and watched the instructional videos on our website, (under FAQ’S). If you're unsure about anything, don't hesitate to contact us before you tow. Safety is paramount, and we are here to help!


Step 2: Gather Your Equipment

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment:

  • Tow A-frame

  • Electrical lead to connect the car to your motorhome

  • Matching number plate to the rear of the car same as motorhome

Remember, when you reach your destination and want to use the car, you need to refit its number plate. This is made easy with our quick-detach clips.


Step 3: Position Your Vehicles

  • Motorhome Setup: Park your motorhome on a flat road, apply the handbrake, and turn off the engine.

  • Tow Car Setup: Position the tow car behind your motorhome approximately in place, apply its handbrake, and make sure it is out of gear.


Step 4: Attach the A-Frame

  • Fit the A-frame to the tow car, ensuring all the pins are in place and the over-centre clips are secured. If in doubt, watch our videos for guidance.

  • Grease the tow ball to ensure smooth operation and prevent wear.

  • Use the strap we provide to raise the A-frame. With assistance, position the tow hitch over the motorhome's tow ball.

  • Lower the tow hitch onto the tow ball, ensuring the safety wire is fitted over the tow ball for our standard frame, or the breakaway wire is attached to the motorhome and the detach switch for electronic systems.


Step 5: Connect the Electrical Cable

Install the electrical cable that links the motorhome to the tow car, ensuring it is firmly secure.


Step 6: Check the Lights and Brakes

  • With help, and the motorhome switched on and the car switched off, check that the brakes, indicators, and lights on the tow car work correctly.

  • The most common mistake is switching the tow car on – do not do this; it must be off to check.

  • On the basic A-frame, fit the brake bar and adjust it correctly. For the electronic system, ensure the breakaway cable is fitted.


Step 7: Final Checks

Before setting off, triple-check everything. Ensure that:

  • All connections are secure

  • Lights and brakes function correctly

  • Safety wires and cables are properly attached


Ready to Go!

Once everything is in order and functioning properly, you're ready to hit the road. The first few times you tow, you might feel a bit wary. However, with practice, towing will become second nature and much easier.


Detaching at Your Destination

When you reach your destination, detaching the tow car is simply the reverse of the attaching process. It's straightforward and designed to be hassle-free.


Towing a car with a motorhome can be a seamless and safe experience if you follow all the instructions and take necessary precautions. At Towacar, we prioritise your safety and convenience. Should you have any questions or uncertainties, our team is always ready to assist you. Happy and safe travels!



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