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About Us

About us

Motahome Towacar is owned and operated by a father and son team of Keith and Paul. Both are active and keen motorhomers.

Motorhomes provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors; however, unlike caravans, they do not offer the convenience of simply unhitching your car upon arrival to explore your destination. Therefore, a viable solution to this dilemma is a Towacar.

Keith and Paul also run Panteg Vehicle Repairs Garage, along with Craig and Mark in Pontypool, South Wales. We are fully approved by VOSA to carry out MOT’s, and have a fully equipped garage with state of the art diagnostics, repair and servicing. Panteg Vehicle Repairs employs 10 people and 
all our tow cars are prepared and tested by us in our garage.
 Panteg Vehicle Repairs is big enough to be effective and small enough to care.

So what cars make the best tow cars?

The key requirements of a tow car are:

Low weight 

Low weight

Room for 4/5  


Cheap to own and run


Quality make that’s reliable


Able to be used as a second car when you need it

All our cars are handpicked by us, all work done to our cars is done by us, all cars are MOT tested and serviced in our own garage before you take delivery. We predominately select low insurance group cars that either have no car tax to pay or very low car tax.

Cars that make the best tow cars and work well are Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107/108, Fiat Panda & 500, Ford Ka.

Free night stay

Interview with us 

Check out this short interview we did at a show explaining what we do

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How do the brakes work on our tow cars?

Simply the same way as a trailer or a caravan. Through using the overrun principle, using a damped, sliding shaft within the 'A' frame, which in turn pulls a rod attached via a Bowden' cable to the brake pedal or linkage, resulting in a perfectly balanced four wheel braking system.


You may be thinking...Doesn't it need a servo to work properly? No, just like with a caravan system, our systems have tested our vehicles with the assistance of our M.O.T station, and we recorded un-assisted efficiency in excess of 75% without excessive pressure! The required minimum is 55% and incidentally, there is no regulation that states that the servo must work.

As the UK Department of transport classifies a car on a 'A' frame as a trailer, and if a trailer has brakes, they must work, your tow car brakes must work, all our tow cars have fully functional brakes.

Upgrade your braking system

All of our tow cars come with a lightweight and sturdy A frame. However, you can upgrade to an electronic braking system, with a permanently installed brake, always ready and waiting to keep you safe in whatever motorhome awaits. With Tow-Mode Detection, once you install it, you never have to think about it again as the system will automatically know when you are towing.


If you would like to add this system onto the vehicle, this is an additional cost on the listed price. Ask us about electronic braking when you get in touch.

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Do I need to put a trailer board on my tow car?

No, we electronically connect the tow cars existing lights, brake lights and indicators to your motor home so they work with your motor homes systems.

How long does it take to couple the tow car to my motor home? About the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Is it a dirty job? Absolutely not, it’s an easy and very clean process. 


Can I use an 'A' frame equipped tow car abroad?

Yes, our systems are used by people towing in Europe and beyond - some people have reported problems 'with the 'Guardia Civil' in Spain so you need to note this.

Free night stay

A free night on us! 

As you know we offer free nationwide delivery on all of our cars. However, if you would prefer to collect your car.  We provide a complimentary stay at a local campsite, situated just 15 mins away.

If you would like to collect your car then you can stay for free the night before or the night after at Pont Kemys Caravan and Camping Park

Just let us know that is what you would like to do and we can organise that for you.