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Elevate Your Towing Experience with Towacar: Introducing the RVi Braking System To the UK and Europe

Updated: Feb 22

At Towacar, we understand that the joy of the open road is best experienced when safety takes the driver’s seat. As pioneers in providing towable vehicles designed for motorhomes, we are excited to introduce an innovative upgrade to the standard inertia braking solution we offer at Towacar: the RVi Brake System brought from America to exclusively to Towacar.

Why upgrade to the RVi Braking System?

1. It’s one of the very best systems available anywhere!

2. You can choose to have total “wireless” control of the whole system from your motorhome, using the optional “pad style controller.”

3. Our standard system has a very lightweight towing frame (the bit you keep in the boot when not in use), but the RVi has a super lightweight towing frame that is just a little over 8kg and that’s under a quarter of the weight of some of our competitors’ systems! 

4. Ultra safe, cutting-edge technology, that is exceptionally easy to fit and control.


Let’s delve deeper into why you should upgrade to the RVi Braking System.

When it comes to towing a vehicle behind your motorhome, safety is not negotiable. That’s why we offer the RVi system as an upgrade to the standard inertia braking system.

Let’s delve into how this revolutionary braking solution aligns seamlessly with Towacar’s commitment to elevating your towing experience.

1. Safety Redefined:

Towacar prioritises safety, and the RVi Brake System is the epitome of advanced safety technology. By providing proportional braking, this system ensures a smooth and controlled stop for both your motorhome and towed vehicle. With the RVi Brake System, you can rest assured that safety is never compromised on your road adventures.

2. Exclusive Installation by Towacar:

We don’t just sell towable cars – we enhance them for your convenience. When you choose Towacar, our expert technicians will install the RVi Brake System for you. Our commitment to ensuring a hassle-free experience extends beyond the vehicle purchase. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional installation, carried out with precision by our skilled


3. Convenience and Versatility:

Towacar recognises the diverse needs of our customers. The portability and wireless operation of the RVi Brake System align perfectly with our commitment to convenience. Whether you’re towing different Towacar models or switching between motorhomes, the RVi Brake System ensures a versatile and user-friendly experience.

4. Elevate Your Journey with Towacar:

Choosing Towacar means choosing a brand that prioritises your safety, convenience and motor homing experience. The RVi Brake System upgrade is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best possible towing experience. Elevate your journey with Towacar and experience the freedom of the open road with enhanced safety and peace of mind.

5. Exclusive Technology in the UK and Europe:

Towacar takes pride in bringing this cutting-edge technology from America to the UK. As the exclusive retailer of the RVi Brake System, we’ve curated a unique offering for our customers, ensuring that they have access to the latest in towing technology.

At Towacar, we don’t just sell cars; we offer a complete towing solution designed to enhance your travel experience. Choose Towacar for a towing experience that goes beyond the standard – because your journey deserves the best.

Do you have further questions about RVi, or would you like to upgrade? Give us a call.



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