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Seeking the pinnacle of tow cars, the latest brand-new model? Check out this 2024 Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER (Limited Edition), boasting a sleek two-tone grey metallic finish and minimal delivery miles.


This exclusive Aygo X variant represents the epitome of the range, limited to just 5000 units. It offers the option of either Inertia or electronic braking systems for enhanced control.


Price with Inertia Braking £21,999

Price with Electronic Braking £23,199


Our Electronic A Frame is the lightest in the UK weighing just 8KG.


Our Inertia A Frame is the lightest in its class at around 12KG.


Beat the current waiting list and have the car delivered to your door free of charge.


Equipped with air conditioning, alloy wheels, and electric pack, this car offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride, while delivering impressive fuel efficiency of between 60-70 mpg.


At our dealership, we pride ourselves on providing peace of mind with every purchase. That's why all our cars come complete with a comprehensive warranty, as well as a light weight tow frame that weighs only 10/12kg and fits neatly into the boot when not in use. Plus, with fully integrated electrics, there's no need for a trailer board.


To sweeten the deal, we also offer a new M.O.T and a full service, and free nationwide delivery is available. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own one of our most popular tow cars.




All of our tow cars come with a lightweight and sturdy A frame. However, this tow car can be upgraded to fit an electronic braking system, with a permanently installed brake, always ready and waiting to keep you safe in whatever motorhome awaits. With Tow-Mode Detection, once you install it, you never have to think about it again as the system will automatically know when you are towing.


If you would like to add this system onto the vehicle, this is an additional cost on the listed price. Ask us about electronic braking when you get in touch. 

Brand New 2024 Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER 5 Door Motorhome Tow Car

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